Lisbon & Estoril Film Festival


ARTURES, exhibition by Yüksel Arslan in LEFFEST'18

Introduction to the exhibition ARTURES, by Yüksel Arslan, with readings of Jean Genet, "No Sentido da Noite", followed by the opening of the programme: A Desire Called Utopia (presented by the curators Alexey Artamonov, Denis Rusaev and Ines Branco López + The exhibition of the film "SULLIVAN'S TRAVELS", by Preston Sturges.

ARTURES, by Yüksel Arslan (Istambul, 1933 – Paris, 2017)

The exhibitions, first time in Portugal, is a choice of 14 artures of several series in which Arslan has worked on, such as “Influences” (1980-1984), “L’Homme” (1986-1999) and “Nouvelles Influences” (2000- 2010).
In a combination between rhythms and textures of memory and history, Arslans speech goes beyond a possible categorisation, seeing as he himself was the one that, in 1962, created the acronym "arture" (the word "art" and suffix "ure", as in peinture and sculpture).
Through a dialog with the surrealist heritage, the literature, philosophy, traditional and modern, temporal and atemporal, his works are as notes in a diary, where he registers impressions, perceptions and observations. This form of materialised contemplation refers to personal, cultural, anthropological and ethnological elements, and sustains his immersive and repetitive environment.

* The exhibition opens at 12h00, for those who will want to visit it prior to the presentation session
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