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DFS: A dance show by Cecilia Bengolea and François Chaignaud

The LEFFEST’17 will present DFS, a show by the dance company Vlovajob Pru, premiered at La Bâtie-Festival in Genève, in 2016.

Fascinated by the rhythmic complexity of Jamaican Dancehall, Argentinean choreographer, dancer and performer Cecilia Bengolea explores this musical and choreographic culture born in 1960s Jamaica, which is also a lifestyle that resists power structures and a denunciation of oppressive ideologies.

During one of her frequent travels to Jamaica, Cecilia Bengolea met two star dancers of this dance form, Damion (BG Dancers) and Giddy (Elite Team), young people who attempt to survive through self-expression. What results is a dance that is combative and defiant, technical and rhythmic. For this project, Bengolea took part in a group of dancers composed of male gangsters from Kingston, called VerbNation, learned their dances and developed a choreographic language between narrative and abstraction.

François Chaignaud, moved by the dream to sing and dance simultaneously, pursued the study of traditional Georgian vocal polyphony, whose immense technical difficulty, regarding precision, synchronisation and vocal projection, constitutes a challenge to the creation of a show which is at once musical, vocal, visual, and kinetic.

Conception and choreography: Cecilia Bengolea, François Chaignaud
Coreographic collaboration: Damion BG Dancerz, Joan Mendy 
Performers: Cecilia Bengolea, Cassie Dancer, Damion BG Dancerz, François Chaignaud, Valeria Lanzara, Joan Mendy, Erika Miyauchi, Shihya Peng
Technical director, lighting desing and dramaturgy collaboration: Jean-Marc Segalen
Vocal coaches: Cécile Banquey, Baptiste Chopin, Alix Debaecker, Eugénie de Mey, Marie Picaut, Celia Stroom
Video: Giddy Elite Team
Sound design: Clément Bernerd
Costumes – Conception: Cecilia Bengolea, François Chaignaud – Manufacturing: Méryl Coster, Florence Demingeon, France Lorenzi 
Administration and production: Barbara Coffy, Jeanne Lefèvre, Céline Peychet
Diffusion: Sarah De Ganck – Art Happens
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