Lisbon & Estoril Film Festival


Highlights of the program of 12th LEFFEST - LISBON & SINTRA FILM FESTIVAL

LEFFEST – LISBON & SINTRA FILM FESTIVAL has unveiled today, in a Press Conference, the highlights of the program of its 12th edition, which will run from the 16th to the 25th of November, in Lisbon and Sintra.

10 films from the Official Selection in Competition and 14 Out of Competition were already announced. Some of them were awarded in the most reputed international Festivals. The Official Selection is not yet complete and other films will be announced soon.

The members of the Jury of the Official Selection in Competition are: WALTER SALLES (director), MARTHA ARGERICH (pianist), JONATHAN LITTELL (writer and director), STEPHEN KOVACEVICH (pianist and conductor), CHRYSTA BELL (singer, composer and actress) and JORGE QUEIROZ (artist).

The festival will pay a tribute to director JOÃO BOTELHO, with his first and most complete retrospective of his work in Portugal, and to the directors MIKE LEIGH, PAUL SCHRADER, MARIO MARTONE and DAREZHAN OMIRBAYEV, that will be present to accompany their retrospectives.

LEFFEST’s 2018 poster alludes to DAVID LYNCH’s work, to whom the festival dedicates a special program, twelve years after his presence on the inaugural edition, in 2007. Apart from two photography exhibitions, SMALL STORIES, by David Lynch, and PSYCHOGENIC FUGUE, by Sandro Miller, the festival will exhibit Lynch’s films and videos from the last twelve years, including the first two episodes of Twin Peaks - The Return and a series of initiatives surrounding his multifaceted work, counting with the presence of singer, composer and actress CHRYSTA BELL and writer KRISTINE MCKENNA, amongst others.

The programmes “THE DESIRE CALLED UTOPIA” and “NEOLIBERALISM – THE SEED OF POPULISM AND NEW FASCISMS?” will count with the presence of several international guests for two journeys of debate and reflection, and programs of film screenings.

Another highlight will be DUB LOVE, by the choreographer, dancer and artist CECILIA BENGOLEA and FRANÇOIS CHAIGNAUD, a spectacle that demystifies the body’s classical model and the spectator’s look over contemporary dance.

MATHIEU AMALRIC will come back to the festival to show some works in progress.

The screening of the Argentinian film La Flor will be a very singular moment. La Flor, one of the films that marked the year 2018, will not be online or in DVD, neither will have posters. It will be a unique experience to watch La Flor at LEFFEST, on the first days of the festival, presented by its director, MARIANO LLINÁS.
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