Lisbon & Estoril Film Festival


IMAGES OF THE EAST, a film by Gidon Kremer and Sandro Kancheli, a concert and a debate

In a special session, the LEFFEST – Lisbon & Sintra Film Festival’17 will screen the film by Gidon Kremer and Sandro Kancheli, Images of the East, featuring the contribution of Syrian sculptor Nizar Ali Badr, followed by a concert with Gidon Kremer and a debate on the refugees’ crisis.

Gidon Kremer, renowned Latvian classical violinist and maestro, has always been an artist attentive to his time, this present time. Images of the East rose from this attunement, “a statement about refugees, about peace and love”, in his own words, made in collaboration with sculptor Nizar Ali Badr, who tells stories of the Syrian people’s ordeal through pebble arrangements, animated by Sandro Kancheli.

I sympathize with all the suffering in the Middle East and I want the world to be better. I know that what I can do with my violin or with my music is just a drop in the ocean, but I would feel ashamed not to deliver this drop if I can do it. (Gidon Kremer)


One of the more distinguished violinists in the world, with a prestigious and awarded career, GIDON KREMER has played with the most famous orchestras and conductors of the last half century, with a wide and varied repertoire, encompassing the full span of classical and romantic masterworks for violin. Founder of the Kremerata Baltica, an orchestra made exclusively of young Baltic musicians.    

SANDRO KANCHELI is a producer, graphic artist and director. Son of Georgian pianist and composer Giya Kancheli (a guest of the 4th edition of the LEFFEST), he organized, in honour of his father’s 75th anniversary, the edition of the album Themes From the Songbook, published in 2010, with the collaboration of Dino Saluzzi, Gidon Kremer and Andrei Pushkarev.    

NIZAR ALI BADR is a Syrian sculptor, from the port city of Latakia, where he lives, working with the pebbles he collects on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea, and turning them into ephemeral sculptural arrangements, which he then photographs. He has created more than 10 000 of these scultures, which ‘write’ in stone the tragic story of the Syrian people.

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