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INSTANT STORIES: WIM WENDERS’ Polaroids in an exhibition and a book

Instant Stories, an exhibition held at the Photographers’ Gallery in London until February 11th, and a book to be launched on the 19th of the same month by Schirmer Mosel, tell the story of Wim Wenders' fascination with Polaroid photography.

Wenders' rapport with photography was always primordial and singular. Between 1960 and 1980, polaroid photographs took on an essential role for the German filmmaker. True objects of desire, in the sense of being instantaneous and unique copies, polaroids were, for Wenders, both a sort of visual diary and a working tool, and also a way of looking at the world. By that time, that intense rapport was reflected in his cinema and characters, like for example Philip Winter [Rüdiger Vogler] in Alice in the Cities or Tom Ripley [Dennis Hopper] in The American Friend. Around 400 of the more than 3000 polaroids Wenders kept of that period compose both the exhibition and the book.

"The Polaroids were unique! At a certain time, they were seen as science-fiction, now they belong to the past. They have a very special place in the relationship I establish between imagery and photography".

The LEFFEST’15 paid tribute to Wim Wenders with a new photographic exhibition, entitled In Daylight, Even the Sounds Shine – Wim Wenders Scouting in Portugal and a retrospective of his films.
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