Lisbon & Estoril Film Festival


International Symposium: CAN ART STILL BE SUBVERSIVE?

Curated by Marie-Laure Bernadac and Bernard Marcadé, the symposium, taking place at the Centro Cultural Olga Cadaval on the 24th and 25th of November, will be attended by artists, directors, philosophers, musicians and international actors.

In the preface to his recent translation of the Guillaume Apollinaire play Les Mamelles de Tirésias, Drame surréaliste en deux actes et un prologue, Aníbal Fernandes writes : “The spectator of today hardly gives in, for reasons of aesthetic rejection, to violent and collective indignation. He reproaches in silence, stages his indifference, as he has long lived confronted with innovations, provocations, evolutions, disruptions that disquiet established values every day. This restless speed in art, and all the culture which has it as a predictable factor, make it difficult to understand today the moments of agitation which history records as attempts to topple the exploited and the exhausted, already only tone and kind in authors established as an institution.”

And if the breakthroughs in art (all the arts, cinema included, naturally) were achieved through ruptures that challenged the established, through an aesthetic, political and sexual radicalism, not only “transgressing the law, but taking it along” (in Maurice Blanchot’s expression), in a century prodigal with avant-garde movements such as the 20th century, what can art bring anew “in the present days, [when] humanity hardly steps out of line…” (Georges Bataille, The Tears of Eros)? Has the repetition of the avant-garde gesture ended up turning it institutional, reinforcing the aestheticist accommodation? (Peter Bürger)  

Where can one look for the forbidden space, the breaths of rebellion, “l’oeil à l´état sauvage” (Breton), which can deliver us from this self-absorbed boredom, this sort of collective dullness, this critical indifference that has taken hold of us?

It will be accompanied by the screening of a series of films.
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