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LAURIE ANDERSON: new record and book out in February 2018

Laurie Anderson, a guest of the LEFFEST at several of its editions, has two new works scheduled for the next month of February: a record, Landfall, in collaboration with the Kronos Quartet, and a book, All the Things I Lost in the Flood: Essays on Pictures, Language and Code.

Landfall, released on Nonesuch Records on February 16, 2018, was inspired by Anderson's experience of Hurricane Sandy and landmarks the artistic encounter between two of the most influential and pioneering creative American giants, Anderson and the string quartet Kronos Quartet.

“I’ve always been fascinated by the complex relationship of words and music whether in song lyrics, supertitles or voice over. In Landfall, instruments initiate language through our new text software, erst. The blend of electronic and acoustic strings is the dominant sound of Landfall. Much of the music in this work is generated from the harmonies and delays of unique software designed for the solo viola and reinterpreted for the quartet": Laurie Anderson's words about Landfall

The book All the Things I Lost in the Flood: Essays on Pictures, Language and Code, published by Skira Rizzoli, results from Anderson's rediscovery of her archive of nearly forty years of work. That process led her to look at many of her projects with a fresh eye and write a collection of essays looking at the way
language entered her visual work. 

In 2015, LEFFEST screened Anderson's two feature films, Heart of a Dog (2015), in a Portuguese premiere, and Home of the Brave (1986), with Anderson herself presenting the film. The artist had been a guest in 2010, when she read texts by Don DeLillo, and in 2014, when she maintained a long conversation with the audience, already revealing details about Heart of a Dog.

[ pic: Laurie Anderson presenting Home of the Brave at LEFFEST'15 ]
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