Lisbon & Estoril Film Festival


NIZAR ALI BADR exhibition

The Lisbon & Sintra Film Festival presents an exhibition dedicated to the work of Syrian sculptor Nizar Ali Badr, which will open Nov. 17th, at the foyer of Centro Cultural Olga Cadaval and will remain during the duration of the festival.

Nizar Ali Badr tells, through his ephemeral pebble sculptures, the tragic story of the suffering of the Syrian people, which he then photographs. For Badr his unique language of pebble sculptures aims to “spread happiness and love amid war, destruction, death, migration, exodus, chaos, poverty and injustice”.

The inherent ephemeral nature of Badr’s work emphasizes the natural transience of life, implying the capacity to confront that temporality.

LEFFEST will present an ensemble of photographs of those amazing pebble sculptures. Nizar Ali Badr will be one of our guests.

This exhibition is a collaboration between Syria.Art and the Lisbon & Sintra Film Festival.

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