Lisbon & Estoril Film Festival


Retrospective ALAIN TANNER: a discourse for the future

This year LEFFEST dedicates a retrspective to one of the most relevant european filmmakers, Alain Tanner. Since the end of the 70’s his subversive and challenging work celebrates the bridge between the political and poetic discourses opening horizons for future aesthetics.

From his discourse-films regarding the des(illusioned) inheritance of May 68’, of which we highlight Jonas who will be 25 years in the 2000, written with John Berger) to the poem-films (as In The White City, fillmed in a Lisbon / city / character that will return in Requiem, a kind of ode to lisbon and its citizens), Tanner's cinema tells stories that enlighten an unforgettable spacial-temporal cartography.

[Still from In The White City with Bruno Ganz]
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