Lisbon & Estoril Film Festival


ROOM TO DREAM: DAVID LYNCH's memoir out in June

David Lynch, who was a guest of the LEFFEST in its first edition (2007), releases in June, through Random House, his highly antecipated memoir, Room to Dream: A Life in Art.

Following an excellent year of 2017, with the fabulous return of Twin Peaks and the biggest exhibition ever of his art (in Poland, last November, at the Camerimage Festival, which showed 400 of his works, namely paintings, drawings, photographs, commercials, shorts and videoclips), David Lynch reveals in this book (part-memoir, part-biography), co-written with Kristine McKenna (from ninety interviews to Lynch's friends, actors, musicians, collaborators, agents and family members) the life behind the art (the projects and the struggles to fulfill them, the friendships made along an intensely creative art-life).

In 2007, the LEFFEST, then named European Film Festival, paid a tribute to David Lynch, with a retrospective comprising 22 of his films.
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