Lisbon & Estoril Film Festival


"SMALL STORIES", an exhibition by David Lynch in LEFFEST'18

The North-American filmmaker and artist, David Lynch, will be the star of the programme "Waiting for Mr. Lynch", which includes: Two exhibitions - "Small Stories", with 55 black & white photos taken by him and "Psychogenic Fugue", by the American photographer Sandro Miller, who gathers a series of photographs of the actor John Malkovich in the skin of several characters created by Lynch - a retrospective of his cinema, television and advertising work since 2007; and the presentation of the book "Room to Dream", written by the director and by the journalist Kristine McKenna, who will also be present in LEFFEST'18 for the session.

SMALL STORIES, by David Lynch

Lynch's images are made through Photo Montage, a method from which he starts with photo portraits, drawing reproductions, different types of engravings and distinct references that allow him the association of people or scenes that belong to diferent space-time dimensions. The recomposition through photo montage is not related to a single painting image but with cinema: it evokes the cinematographic montage, that has the power to split the image and reconstruct it in unrealistic provisions. Just like his cinema, Lynch's photo montage cuts the bodies and tries to clean the edges of the cut.

The exhibition can be seen from November the 17th and will be open until the 30th of December. Tickets on sale at MU.SA.
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