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THE BEAUTIFUL SMILE: Pivotal book by NAN GOLDIN reissued

The Beautiful Smile, originally published in 2007 on the occasion of Nan Goldin’s Hasselblad Award and since out of print, has been reissued by Steidl.

Nan Goldin, one of the more relevant artists of our time, a member of the Jury of LEFFEST in 2014, considers The Beautiful Smile her favorite book. The ethic and aesthetics behind all of her photographic work of more than thirty years are condensed in this classic volume: phtography as memoir, as preservation, as a form of combat against the inevitability of loss.

Through a singular hybridization of art photography and the snapshot aesthetic, autobiographical detail and documentary storytelling, Nan Goldin has documented, in her intimate and influential photographs and slideshows, life on the margins of society (including her own and that of her friends), especially during a period intensily influenced by HIV and AIDS. The reissue of this retrospective book signals the end of a chapter in Nan Goldin's life, who has moved on from photography and taken up painting.

LEFFEST’14 dedicated a CinemArt section to Goldin's work, namely five of her famous slideshows: Fire Leap, Heartbeat, Scopophilia, The Ballad of Sexual Dependency and The Other Side.
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