Lisbon & Estoril Film Festival


WILLEM DAFOE, a «monumental» and «unique» actor

WIILEM DAFOE, whom the Berlinale recognized with a lifetime achievement Honorary Golden Bear in its latest edition, and whom was again nominated for a Oscar this year, has been a regular presence at LEFFEST. In the various editions in which he participated, Willem, a «monumental» and «unique» actor, as Wim Wenders referred to him, has presented premiers of films in which he was the leading role, participated in talks with film directors and actors, also talked with Tiago Rodrigues about his work in the theatre, following a program the festival organized with the screening of several plays he performed along the years with The Wooster Group, of which he is a co-founder. Having participated in more than 100 films, by the most important American and European directors, Willem Dafoe always enriched his characters with his expressive performances we still keep in our memory. As Wim Wenders noted, he is the only actor in the planet that has played Christ and the anti-Christ. One of the films Willem presented at LEFFEST last year, was, precisely, ANTICHRIST, the polemical psycho-thriller by Lars Von Trier.
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