Lisbon & Estoril Film Festival


World Premiere of "Ainda Tenho um sonho ou dois: A História dos Pop Dell'Arte"

Lisbon & Sintra Film Festival presents the world premiere of the film "Ainda Tenho um sonho ou dois: A História dos Pop Dell'Arte", by Nuno Galopim and Nuno Duarte.

[About Pop Dell' Arte]

"Around the 80's, Lisbon lived a time of challenge and search for new ideas.  At least this is how it was with music, with Rock Rendez-Vous, as a stage in the line of attention of new bands that would be themselves and different from all the others, thus serving the recently launched Blitz and the program Som da Frente by António Sérgio (in Rádio Comercial - radio channel), the important 'windows' that would assure the communication of the new and exciting stuff that was happening there. Pop Dell’ Arte were't the only ones to appear in this effervescent climate of challenge to the creativity. But, through the way they used their references – from Warhol to Fassbinder, never forgetting the great movements from the 20th century - and through the way they way they always new how to look beyond the horizon and the instituted rules, not only did they launch the bases for an unique artistic body but, through the space of 3 decades, conquered a place in Portuguese Music."  (Nuno Galopim)

“Sometimes courage is also madness” (João Peste)

Tuesday 20, at 21h45 
Conversation of Nuno Galopim with Pop Dell'Arte.
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