Lisbon & Estoril Film Festival




The main focus of the LEFFEST – Lisbon & Sintra Film Festival’17 will be on actress Isabelle Huppert, with
a big retrospective of the films she starred in, and an international photography show, Isabelle Huppert: Woman of Many Faces.

A peerless actress with a very personal acting style who has divided her career between film work and theatre. She chooses roles which are dense and bold, but typically begins by selecting a director with whom she feels a connection. She has enjoyed deep professional ties with Chabrol and Schroeter, and currently with Haneke and Sangsoo. Her acclaimed theatrical career includes performances of Ibsen, Sarah Kane and Genet. In the previous year, Huppert won the Moliére d’Honneur, the highest honour in French theatre, and received numerous awards for Elle.

During last season, Isabelle Huppert had a remarkable critical and public recognition, with the numerous awards for her role in Paul Verhoeven’s Elle.

The actress will attend the festival.


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