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Paulo Branco - Director

Paulo Branco went to London in 1971 and moved to Paris in 1973. Starting his career as a film producer in 1979, he travelled back and forth between Paris and London. Until today, Paulo Branco has produced over 200 films working with acclaimed directors as Manoel de Oliveira, Wim Wenders, João César Monteiro, Raoul Ruiz, Chantal Akerman, Alain Tanner, Werner Schroeter, Robert Kramer, Pedro Costa, André Téchiné, Andrzej Zoulawski, Peter Handke, Laurence Ferreira Barbosa, Cédric Kahn, João Botelho, João Mário Grilo, João Canijo, Teresa Villaverde, José Álvaro Morais, Jean Claude Biette, Sharunas Bartas, Michel Piccoli, Valéria Bruni-Tedeschi, Christophe Honoré, Paul Auster and David Cronenberg.
With a recognised and rather prestigious worldwide career as a producer, Paulo Branco is also a distributor and exhibitor, both in Portugal and in France. His contribution to the proliferation of independent cinema is remarkable, and his work has considerably enhanced the genre international visibility throughout the last decades.

Since the beginning of his career as a film producer, Paulo Branco has been an assiduous presence at the most renowned film festivals in the world: Cannes, Venice, Berlin, New York, Toronto, Tokyo, São Paulo, Montreal and Salónica. He has been part of the Jury panel of Berlin (1999); Venice (2005); Rotterdam (2006); Lecce (2011) and presided the Jury at Locarno in 2011.

Selection Committee

Roberto Turigliatto

Michel Demopoulos

António Costa

Diana Cipriano

Alexandra Fonseca


Director: Paulo Branco
Deputy directors: António Costa, Ines Branco López

Selection committee: Roberto Turigliatto, António Costa, Michel Demopoulos, Diana Cipriano, Alexandra Fonseca

Programming and Print Traffic Coordination: Alexandra Fonseca, Diana Cipriano
Electronic subtitling: Olho de Boi

Communication: Francisco Adão

Art direction and design: Catarina Sampaio
Design: André Carvalho
Webdesign and Implementation: Catarina Sampaio, Programmator
Content Management: Mariana Conduto

Post-Production: Tiago Augusto, Ana Hipólito
Video Editor: Ana Hipólito
Photography and Camera Coordination: Duarte Lima
Official Photographer: Ana Paganini 

Medeia Nimas Cinema Coordination: Adriana Barros
Projectionists: Ricardo David, Santilal Meggi, Nuno Tibiriçá, Mateo Diaz
Ticket Office: Fátima Barnabé, Clara Rosário, Joana Sebastião, André Jessen

Accounting: Suzana Lemos, Cátia Correia
Software and hardware support: Linha Integral
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