Lisbon & Estoril Film Festival


Edition 2021


Special Events

Debate: To Be an Artist, a Woman and Rom

Medeia Nimas Cinema
Thursday, November 18th, after screening 21h

The inequalities and obstacles women still face in our society is a theme that is gradually making its way into the political agenda and public debates. It is not possible, however, to reflect about the oppression of Roma women by the same standards we speak about the oppression of white women in the West. An intersectional approach might, therefore, help us analyse the way in which sexist systems and the social discrimination against Roma people find common ground in the oppression of Roma women. Striving to promote a reflection about this double form of oppression, which is often neglected, LEFFEST organises a special session where three films by three female Roma directors, coming from different countries, will be screened. The screenings will be followed by a conversation between directors Leonor Teles, Laura Hilalovic and Katariina Lillqvist, and the actress Maria Gil.

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