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Double Concert: Ricardo Ribeiro + Mónika Lakatos

Roman music and fado
Centro Cultural Olga Cadaval, Jorge Sampaio Auditorium
Sunday, November 14th, 19h
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Ricardo Ribeiro is one of the most renowned Portuguese fado singers and one of Fado’s new generation of singers most traditionalist performers, having been distinguished, in 2005, with two revelation awards, the Amália Rodrigues Award and the Casa da Imprensa award.

Although his repertoire is mainly based on traditional fado, Ricardo Ribeiro, widely acclaimed in the realm of World Music, lends his voice to many other rhythms and melodies. Ricardo Ribeiro recognizes that the rhythmic and musical diversity of his Fado exists thanks to his coexistence with the Roma community and to his early listening to Gypsy music, which carried on throughout his youth.

On Sunday November 14th at the Olga Cadaval Cultural Centre, the evening brings with it a double-barrelled concert starting with a performance by Hungarian singer Mónika Lakatos, who hands over the stage to Ricardo Ribeiro for a second musical moment.

Born in Budapest, Mónika Lakatos is a Hungarian singer descendant from the Rom Oláh minority, which arrived in Romania in the nineteenth century. With an intimate repertoire rooted in the Oláh tradition, reflecting the Roma community’s history of persecution, its more profound style, makes her music differ from other, more festive, popular Gypsy musical manifestations.

Part of several bands until she founded Romengo with her husband and guitarist Mihály “Mazsi” Rostás, the band had two albums in Europe’s World Music Charts top 10. Mónika’s solo album, Romanimo, was in the top 5.

She was awarded the Anna Lindh-Prize in 2007, the Parallel Culture Award at the Mediawave Festival in 2013, and the For Minorities Award in Hungary. She was also the first Roma singer to receive the WOMEX Artist Award, World Music’s most prestigious award, in 2020.

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