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Program #2 Tragedia Endogonidia (2002-2004)

Teatro Nacional D. Maria II
Monday, November 15th, 18h
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Presented by Piersandra Di Matteo

Program #2 Tragedia Endogonidia (2002-2004)
A.#02 AVIGNON (2002)
BN.#05 BERGEN (2003)
P.#06 PARIS (2003)
C.#11 CESENA (2004)

Tragedia Endogonidia is the colossal cycle conceived by the
Socìetas Raffello Sanzio over a period of three years (2002-2004), producing 11 Episodes in 10 European cities (Cesena, Avignon, Berlin, Brussels, Bergen, Paris, Rome, Strasburg, London and Marseille). Envisioned as an organism in a perpetual state of flight, it is founded on an auto-generative idea that revolves around the city. The cycle’s dramatic structure retraces the exoskeleton of Greek Tragedy, probing into the tragic in today’s world. It is based on raw facts, with no possible catharsis. The hero’s solitude and his/her anonymity are explored through figures and acts unable to reach a proper ending.

The Cycle are directed by videoartists Cristiano Carloni and Stefano Franceschetti, encompassing 11 films which retrace the morphological life of the entire theatrical project. Here, we have proposed 4 Episode.

Tickets: €6 (full price) / €5 (students)
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