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L.A Rebellion: A journey with Ben Caldwell through the history and legacy of the movement

MU.SA - Sintra Museum of Arts

Of unprecedented retrospective reach in Europe, this immersive exhibition is based on the work of the filmmakers constituting this movement and, particularly, on the photographic and artistic practice by Ben Caldwell, one of the most emblematic figures of this generation, holding an impressive career as an arts’ educator and independent director.

Stemming from the historical context of the african-american demonstrations for civil rights’ equality, the conquests, personalities and key-productions of L.A Rebellion are introduced. Ben Caldwell’s documental contributions - traces of the collaborative spirit of the filmmakers while shooting seminal L.A. Rebellion films - and audiovisual records of his artistic initiatives in the L.A. community will punctuate the exhibition space. Hence, the museum’s rooms should make an essential contribution to the contextualization of the films planned for this cycle of LEFFEST 2022 - to be watched in Cinema Nimas, in Lisbon - and elucidate the revolutionary essence of this movement, with social and aesthetic repercussions beyond L.A. Rebellion’s temporal boundaries.

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