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Edition 2018


Inês de Medeiros - Inês de Medeiros

Inês de Medeiros

Inês de Medeiros, born in Viena, on April 15th, 1968, is an actress, director, and Portuguese politician. She is the mayor of Almada since 2017 .

Inês de Medeiros had only ten years when she had her debut in cinema, in a feature film directed by her father, A Culpa (1981); the film was a singular experience of the maestro as a cinema director. Over thirty films would follow, directed by filmmakers such as José Fonseca e Costa, João Botelho or Pedro Costa.

After being 1st assistant directer on a Joaquim Pinto film, Onde Bate o Sol (1992) and Uma Pedra No Bolso, and on a João César Monteiro, Recordações da Casa Amarela (1989), Inês would sign two short films as a director — Senhor Jerónimo (1998) and O Fato Completo or à Procura de Alberto (2002) — and a documentary — Cartas a uma Ditadura (2006).

Inês de Medeiros will be present in LEFFEST, Wednesday the 21st, at 18:30, in Cinema Medeia Monumental, to present the film Here on Earth.

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