Lisbon & Estoril Film Festival


Edition 2018


Valérie Mitteaux - Director

Valérie Mitteaux

Ex-journalist, born in Épinal, Valérie Mitteaux directed, in 2011, the documentary Fille ou garçon, mon sexe n’est pas mon genre, co-produced by ARTE, premiered in October 2011, in France and Germany. In 2014 she directed Le Baiser de Marseille, a film about french homophobia, and Dreamocracy (french version of L'Académie), shot in Portugal in collaboration with Raquel Freire, about social movements in 2015. Since 8, avenue Lénine, Valérie has developed two projects, one about the concept of feminine submission and the other about the left wing parliamentary alliance in Portugal that says no to the austerity.

Valérie Mitteaux will be present in LEFFEST, Wednesday the 21st, at 21:30, in Cinema Medeia Monumental, for a conversation upon the exhibition of her film 8, Avenue Lénine.

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