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Damien Manivel / Tributes and Retrospectives

LEFFEST’19 is proud to present, during the festival’s first weekend, from Saturday, November 16th, to Monday, November 18th, a retrospective on awarded contemporary French director Damien Manivel, who will join us in Espaço Nimas to discuss his four feature films. 

The retrospective will open on Saturday, the 16th, with the screening of A Young Poet (2014) - the filmmaker’s first feature - at 11AM, in Espaço Nimas. On that same day, there will also be a session at 3PM, in Espaço Nimas, of the director’s most recent film, Isadora’s Children, joining the director’s past experience as a dancer to cinema by detailing several women’s stories as they find the farewell solo “Mother”, created by famed dancer Isadora Duncan as she let go of her son. After this session, Damien Manivel will join us in talking about his films. 

On Monday, the 18th, at 2PM, in Espaço Nimas, two of the director’s feature films will be screened together, Takara – The Night I Swam (2017) e The Park (2016).

With a still relatively short course in cinema, Manivel’s body of work has sparked the critic’s attention from his first feature, A Young Poet:  “A Young Poet is a film about the ineffable within poetry, this something (...) which escapes if we attempt to name it. Like clouds. In fact, there’s no poetry in the boy’s journal, but Damien Manivel’s film becomes poetic through the absence from lyrical inspiration. Poetic, too, for creating a reality instead of reproducing its banality.”  - Carlo Chatrian

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