Lisbon & Estoril Film Festival


Dear Comrades! by Andrei Konchalovsky in Competition at LEFFEST’20

The most recent feature film of the Russian filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky, Dear Comrades!, is in Competition at the 14th edition of LEFFEST. After working as a frequent collaborator of the emblematic director Andrei Tarkovsky, Konchalovsky became the author of an oeuvre awarded with several international prizes, of which the Grand Prix in Cannes for Siberiade (1979), the Grand Jury Prize in Venice for House of Fools (2002) and the Silver Lion in Venice for the films The Postman's White Nights (2014) and Paradise (2016).

Through a powerful monochrome aesthetic, the new film by Konchalovsky reveals the truth regarding the events that occurred on the 2nd of June 1962, when the Soviet Army and the KGB shot a crowd of unarmed protesters at a labour strike. Historical drama about what came to be known as the Novocherkassk Massacre, Dear Comrades! follows the journey of Lyudmilla, a loyal communist and member of the city committee, whose daughter disappears during the public commotion. To find her, Lyudmilla must confront her values and political views, and fight against a system that tracks people, blocks street and lies about the true happenings of the massacre.

Dear Comrades! will be screened at LEFFEST tomorrow, the 23rd of November, at 2:30pm at Cinema Medeia Nimas. The film had its first exhibition on the 17th of November, at Centro Cultural Olga Cadaval.
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