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FILM, a philosophical chase film

The latest restoration work on FILM, the only film project by Samuel Beckett, motivated the organisation of “Soirée Beckett”, an event where the restored copy of this gem from the Irish playwright will be screened, but which will also feature the screening of NOTFILM (2015), an in-depth film essay about FILM, and the book launch of Tomás Maia’s O Olho Divino – Beckett e o Cinema and a conversation with actress Nicoletta Braschi.

Shot in 1965, in collaboration with American theatre director Alan Schneider, FILM is a chase film that takes place between the camera and the image, rooted in the essence of film itself. Buster Keaton, who never reveals his face until the final twist, is the object of the chase.
According to Alan Schneider, “It’s a movie about the perceiving eye, about the perceived and the perceiver – two aspects of the same man.”
NOTFILM is the result of the meticulous investigative work carried out by Ross Lipman on the conceptualization and production of FILM as well as a tribute to the career of Samuel Beckett and Buster Keaton.
“As the shift from analogue to digital converts the medium of film into “notfilm”, Lipman’s essay is a reminder of what has been lost, while he explores the contributions of two men, Beckett and Keaton, who sought to wring the most from each frame.” Pamela Hutchinson
Book launch of O OLHO DIVINO: BECKETT E O CINEMA by Tomás Maia
November 8th, 19:30
Teatro da Trindade Conversa com Nicoletta Braschi Bilhetes

Tickets available HERE and at the venue.
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