Lisbon & Estoril Film Festival


From November 21 to 24, LEFFEST ‘21 travels to Oporto

This year, our festival travels to the North of Portugal!

From November 21 to 24, LEFFEST arrives in Oporto for the first time, with an extension at NorteShopping. In association with Cinemas NOS, the festival’s 15th edition brings its usual excellent programming to new audiences, with some highly anticipated releases.

We will show four films that premiered at LEFFEST, all of them coming directly from the most important film festivals: on the 21st of November, we have The Happening, a drama centered on the matter of abortion, for which Audrey Diwan won the Golden Lion at this year’s Venice Festival; on the 22nd, Everything Went Fine, directed by François Ozon, a reflection on euthanasia that was selected for Competion in Cannes; then, on the 23rd of November, there is the winner of the Silver Bear at Berlinale 2021, an anthology of love and chance, Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy, directed by Ryûsuke Hamaguchi; finally, on the 24th, Benedetta, Paul Verhoeven’s latest audacious prank, arrives at NorteShopping’s Cinema NOS.

After the programming in Lisbon and Sintra ends, our great celebration of cinema goes to Oporto. This way we make sure a larger audience has the opportunity to see the most notable films that were part of LEFFEST ‘21’s selection.

See you up North, from November 21 to 24!

Cinema NOS Norteshopping

The Happening
A film by Audrey Diwan
November 21st, 21h

Everything Went Fine
A film by François Ozon
November 22nd, 21h

Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy
A film by Ryûsuke Hamaguchi
November 23rd, 21h

A film by Paul Verhoeven
November 24th, 21h

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