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Hiroshima, my Love, with Fanny Ardant | Theatre

Tu ne peux pas savoir.
Tu me tues.
Tu me fais du bien.
Tu me tues.
Tu me fais du bien.
J´ai le temps.
Je t´en prie.

Actress and director Fanny Ardant has incessantly returned, throughout the last two decades, to Marguerite Duras’ “effulgent and absolute” universe.

Closing this 13th edition of LEFFEST, we introduce, in a rare and singular moment, Ardant’s new entangling with the Durasian universe, Hiroshima my Love, in which the actress overwhelmingly plays Elle, the actress Duras created for the Alain Resnais film. Voiced by Gérard Departieu and subtitled in Portuguese.    

The show will be on Sunday, November 24th, at 9PM, in Teatro Tivoli BBVA.  

Price: 10€

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