Lisbon & Estoril Film Festival


Luís Noronha da Costa (1942-2020)

Back in 2012, LEFFEST kicked off at Estoril Congress Center with an exhibition by Luís Noronha da Costa: The Representation of Images, a series of paintings and an art installation paying tribute to Cézanne, delivered by the plastic artist and painter for the occasion. Several of the festival’s guests attended the exhibition opening, such as actresses Fanny Ardant and Ingrid Caven, and fashion designer Emanuel Ungaro.

Besides his unique oeuvre in the field of plastic arts, Noronha da Costa was also deeply passionate about cinema, which he always considered to be fundamental to his aesthetic path. He was a filmmaker and authored a singular body of work where painting and cinema intersected, creating an intimate connexion. Many of his works are inhabited by the shadows and resonances of filmmakers such as Murnau, Dreyer, De Mille, Bresson, Keaton, Lang, Ozu, Monteiro, King Vidor, Nicholas Ray, Stroheim, Schroeter, Syberberg, Warhol and Terrence Fischer, authors whom he passionately championed in the texts he wrote about cinema in journals such as Colóquio-Artes, as well as in Cinemateca’s catalogues.

In this very 2012 edition, LEFFEST screened his movie O Construtor de Anjos (1978). After the screening, we organized a conversation between Noronha da Costa, Bernardo Pinto da Costa (the exhibition title was borrowed from one of his books, recently published in that same year), and Nuno Júdice, one of the screenwriters of the movie, which further included Acácio de Almeida’s cinematography.
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