Lisbon & Estoril Film Festival


Masterclass with Paul Schrader today, live from New York, in Cinema Monumental

Director PAUL SCHRADER joins LEFFEST'18 for an exclusive live masterclass, from Nova Iorque, upon the exhibition of the film AUTO FOCUS, today, November the 21st, at 18h00, in Screening Room 2 of Cinema Monumental.

An exclusive and unique opportunity to speak with PAUL SCHRADER, from the other side of the Atlantic!

PAUL SCHRADER (1946, USA), to whom LEFFEST dedicate a retrospective this year, started his career as a critic and screenwriter, having signed films such as "Taxi Driver", by Martin Scorsese in 1976. In AUTO FOCUS, screened before the masterclass, a successful TV star during the 1960s, former Hogan's Heroes actor Bob Crane projects a wholesome family-man image, but this front masks his persona as a sex addict who records and photographs his many encounters with women, often with the help of his seedy friend, John Henry Carpenter. This biographical drama reveals how Crane's double life takes its toll on him and his family, and ultimately contributes to his death.

The tickets are on sale in cinema Monumental, in Espaço Nimas and in Centro Cultural Olga Cadaval.
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