Lisbon & Estoril Film Festival


My Case / Mon Cas by Manoel de Oliveira as a LEFFEST’20 highlight

As part of the thematic cycle Confronting the Gaze, My Case / Mon Cas by
Manoel de Oliveira will be screened this Sunday, at 9:30pm, at Cinema Medeia Nimas. The session will be accompanied by the screening of Film, Samuel Beckett’s only cinematographic work.

My Case / Mon Cas and Film, two films where the idea of authorial gaze and power is questioned, defied and exuberantly killed off by two of the most celebrated and revered authors of the XX century, will be presented in a one-time double feature.

In Oliveira's work, we are faced with a tribute to the art of cinema evoking the multiplicity and infinitude of narrative form and its symbiotic nature with one of its precursors: the theatre.

Film, by Alan Schneider and Samuel Beckett, is an enigmatic study on perception. Starring Buster Keaton, the film questions its own ontological questioning surrounding the act of looking, of being looked at, and examines the camera as an object of apprehension.
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