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PAUL BOWLES: A Musical Portrait

The LEFFEST will dedicated a programme to a less known side of writer Paul Bowles, his legacy as a classical composer, in a way shadowed by is literary work.

Paul Bowles is one of the greatest writers and artists of the twentieth century, born in New York. One of the most outstanding figures of the American existentialism of the 50’s and the well-known Beat Generation, along with Jack Kerouak and William S. Burroughs. He spent most of his life in Morocco and Sri Lanka, reflecting an unmistakable and timeless exoticism in his literary work.

Along with literature, Paul Bowles, became relevant in the American musical scene. That is why this year's LEFFEST proposal is to celebrate his musical work, with soprano Carole Blankenship and pianist Irene Hermann who have traveled the world to interpret their works.  


Two Pieces for Solo Piano Prelude for Bernardo Soares  Sarabande 

Songs in the Popular Idiom 
A Little Closer Please 
Of All the Things I Love 

Folk Song Settings 
Boatmen’s Dance 
Mary Golden Tree 
The Old Grey Goose 
Creole Song 

Cuatro Canciones de García Lorca 
Media Luna 
Balada Amarilla 
Murió al Amanacer 

Textos de Gertrude
Stein Scenes from the Door  Red Faces 
The Ford 
Letter to Freddy 

A Musical Conversation Farther From the Heart (JB) Once a Lady was Here (PB) Frozen Horse (JB) 
Sleeping Song (PB) 
My Sister’s Hand in Mine (JB) 

Textos de Tennessee Williams 

Blue Mountain Ballads Heavenly Grass 
Lonesome Man 
Sugar in the Cane 

My Love Was Light

Additionally, the following films will be screened: Paul Bowles: The cage door is always open (Daniel Young, 2012) e a curta-metragem The pleasant feeling of being in a more innocent age: Paul Bowles's impressions on Portugal (Hermínia Sol, 2010), followed by a conversation with Irene Herrmann and Herminia Sol.
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