Lisbon & Estoril Film Festival


The National Premiere of Abel Ferrara’s Siberia at LEFFEST’20

New York filmmaker Abel Ferrara’s most recent feature film will have its national premiere at the 14th edition of LEFFEST. Known for the frequently controversial and provocative content of his films, as well as his use of a neo-noir imagery set in gritty urban landscapes, Ferrara maintains a cult status that allows him to navigate between large-budget features and smaller explorative work.

His most recent film, Siberia (2020), screened at the official competition of the Berlin Film Festival, marks the sixth collaboration between Ferrara and actor Willem Dafoe. Anarchic and mystic odyssey between the paths of individualism, of masculinity and nostalgia, the film narrates a man’s journey to the depths of his own psyche, and is already considered the filmmaker’s most intriguing and mysterious project to date.

Siberia will be screened at LEFFEST’20 tomorrow, the 18th of November, at 8 p.m. at Teatro Tivoli BBVA.
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