Lisbon & Estoril Film Festival


Thematic Programme: Looking for Homeland

Curated by Alexey Artamonov, Denis Ruzaev e Ines Branco Lopez, Looking for Homeland, taking place in Lisbon between Espaço Nimas and Lusófona University from the 18th to the 23rd of November, identifies cinema as the best means to represent the paradoxical meanings of “homeland”, bringing out some rare films which might answer the question: how does cinema reveal the problematic nature of homeland? 

Encompassing a selection of 16 films introducing us to international directors and perspectives from across the world, Looking for Homeland will include ten screenings and bring to Lisbon German producer and filmmaker Andreas Goldstein, with his recent documentary The Communist, North-American director Khalik Allah, with the documentary Black Mother, which leaps into the lives and the past of the Jamaican people, and Belgian videographer and voice performer Maxime Jean-Baptiste, who brings us, alongside his father, Nou Voix, where the two reenact a scene from Jean Galmot, Adventurer (Alain Maline, 1990), in which the father himself participated, looking to provide a voice to the revolutionaries’ enshrouded wishes in the 1920’s riots in Cayenne, French Guiana. 

The programme’s first session, on November 18th, at 9h30PM, in Espaço Nimas, will screen films Order, by Jean-Daniel Pollet, and The House is Black, by Forough Farrokhzad, two films establishing parallels between disease (in the latter, a leper colony in Iran) and social exclusion. The screening will be followed by a discussion with the programme’s curators. 

The programme’s final session on November 23rd, at 6PM, in Lusófona University, will screen the films The Island of St. Matthews, by Kevin Jerome Everson, considering a Mississippian family’s nostalgic history, and three short-films by acclaimed director Sarah Maldoror: À Bissau, CarnavalFogo, l’Île de Feu, and Monangambé.

Additionally, the festival comprehends other rare and important films such as Tales from the Hunsrück Village, by Edgar Reitz, who attended LEFFEST’13 for the screening of Home from Home: Chronicle of a VisionThe Emperor’s Naked Army Marches On, by Kazuo Hara, on one of the most infamous Japanese activists, No Home Movie, by Chantal Akerman, You and Me (Larisa Shepitko), Tender’s Heat. Wild, Wild Beach (Alexander Rastorguev), Oh, Sun! (Med Hondo) and Dialogues of the Exiled (Raúl Ruiz). These sessions will also include talks among the curators, directors and audience, providing an opportunity to develop ideas regarding the aforementioned issues. 

Check Looking for Homeland’s full schedule and programme here
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