Lisbon & Estoril Film Festival


There is No Evil by Mohammad Rasoulof in its National Premiere at LEFFEST’20

There is No Evil, the most recent feature-film of Iranian filmmaker Mohammad Rasoulof, will have its national premiere at the 14th edition of LEFFEST – Lisbon & Sintra Film Festival. An award-winning independent director, Rasoulof studied sociology at Shiraz University and film editing at Sooreh Higher Education Institute in Tehran. He went on to direct several short films before releasing his first feature, Gagooman, in 2002. Since 2010,  Rasoulof has been persecuted by the Iranian authorities and the release of his films have been forbidden in his country.

His sixth feature film is an anthology of four stories that follow the lives of individuals confronted with an unfathomable choice: to follow orders and execute the death sentence or to refuse and suffer the repercussions. An urgent narrative inspired by real-life events from the filmmaker’s own experience, There Is No Evil questions the possibility of individual freedom in the confinements of a tyrannical regime. While Mohammad Rasoulof’s film has earned him the Golden Bear at the Berlin Film Festival, Iranian authorities have censored the film and sentenced him to one year in prison for “propaganda against the system”.

There Is No Evil will be screened at LEFFEST’20 in a special session at Cinema Medeia Nimas, on Wednesday the 25th of November, at 4.30 p.m.
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