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Tribute to Paul Thomas Anderson at LEFFEST’20

LEFFEST’20 pays tribute to Paul Thomas Anderson with a retrospective of his complete work. One of the most fascinating and inventive directors of his generation, Anderson has had his signature carved in some of the most memorable work of the last decades. Winner of the Golden Bear in Berlin and of the Award for Best Director in Cannes, and having repeatedly been nominated at the Oscars, he is widely considered one of the most important auteurs of North-American cinema. 

The cycle marked the beginning of the 14th edition of LEFFEST, with the screening of Punch-Drunk Love (2002), on the 13th of November at Centro Cultural Olga Cadaval. Doused by a layer of black humour, the comedy that earned Anderson the Best Director Award at Cannes will be back on the festival’s screen on the 20th of November at 3:30pm, at Teatro Tivoli BBVA in Lisbon.

The first screening of Phantom Thread (2017), Anderson’s most recent film, was presented yesterday in the context of the symposium “The Arts and the Public in the Post-Pandemic World”, occasioning a debate about Fashion with textile designer Constança Entrudo and the director of ModaLisboa Eduarda Abbondanza. This critically acclaimed film will be screened once more, at Cinema Medeia Nimas, at 2pm on the 25th of November.

Inherent Vice (2014), a work where the limits of reality slowly blur to the groovy rhythm of the hippie subculture, was screened in a one-time session today, at 9:30am. 

Magnolia (1999), one of Anderson’s most daring works, which granted him the Golden Bear Award in Berlin, can still be found in theaters on two occasions: on the 16th of November at 10am, at Centro Cultural Olga Cadaval, and on the 24th of November at 11am, at Teatro Tivoli BBVA.

Hard Eight (1996), the filmmaker’s first feature film in which he conceives the cinematic language that would come to permeate all of his work, will be exhibited on the 18th of November, at 2:15pm, at Teatro Tivoli BBVA, and on the 24th of November, at 2:30pm, at Cinema Medeia Nimas. 

The Master (2012), three times Oscar nominee and winner of the Silver Lion for Best Director at Venice, will be presented on the 19th of November, at 12am, at Teatro Tivoli BBVA, and on the 25th of November, at 11am, at Cinema Medeia Nimas.

Boogie Nights (1997), a humanizing portrait of life in the pornographic industry, will be screened in a one-time event on the 23rd of November at 12am, at Teatro Tivoli BBVA.

Finally, There Will Be Blood (2007), winner of two Oscars and of the Silver Bear at the Berlin Film Festival, will present Daniel Day-Lewis in one of his most acclaimed performances on the 24th of November at 3:15pm, at Teatro Tivoli BBVA.
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