Lisbon & Estoril Film Festival


WIM WENDERS AS TIME RUNS BY - Retrospective at Medeia Film Theatres

Medeia Films presents the retrospective Wim Wenders as Time Runs By, a film program dedicated to the german filmmaker which takes place at Espaço Nimas, in Lisbon (until January 2020), and Teatro Campo Alegre, in Oporto (until January 8), and will also be presented at TAGV, in Coimbra.

The retrospective will screen fifteen films, produced between the years of 1972 and 2016, most of them digital copies restored by the director himself. Besides the highly acclaimed Alice in the Cities (1974), Paris, Texas (1984), and Wings of Desire (1987), other screenings include Nick's Film - Lighting Over Water (1980), an emotional encounter between Wenders and Nicholas Ray, Tokyo-Ga (1985), a spontaneous work following the track of Ozu, Faraway, So Close! (1993), a sort of sequel to Wings of Desire, and The Scarlet Letter (1973), an adaptation of Hawthorne's novel. Lisbon Story (1994), a journey through Lisbon which simultaneously pays tribute to the history of cinema, will also be screened, shortly after Wenders presented it at LEFFEST in celebration of its premiere's 25th anniversary.

Wim Wenders, who was celebrated at LEFFEST'19, is one of the most beloved filmmakers of the Portuguese audience. This feeling of admiration goes both ways. A month ago, Wenders arrived in Lisbon for a weekend filled with activities, which included conversation sessions with the audience after the screenings of The State of Things (1982) and Lisbon Story. The director also visited Lusófona University where he led a Masterclass, in which he explored the concept of truth, the dialectic between new and old, the consequences of the digital revolution, the importance of the history of cinema, and much more. Re-watch this moment here.
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