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World Theatre Day: Beckett’s

In World Theatre Day, we invite you to revisit the conversation with Nicoletta Braschi and Andrea Rezi during ‘Soirée Beckett’ organized at LEFFEST'16.

Theatre has always played a prominent role in LEFFEST, which has welcomed, over the years, distinguished stage directors and outstanding performers for the presentation of plays and special programmes. Back in 2016, one of the highlights of the festival was the presentation of HAPPY DAYS by Samuel Beckett, in an Italian staging by Andrea Renzi, featuring Nicoletta Braschi in the leading role as Winnie. The play was presented at Teatro Nacional Dona Maria, in two sold-out performances (the play has been a a huge success in Italy in the last years with regular shows, the latest in Rome last month). Besides the conversation, the Soirée Beckett further included the screening of FILM (1965), the playwright’s only known filmic project, in collaboration with Alan Schneider, and NOTFILM (2015), a thorough film-essay about FILM, directed by Ross Lipman.

Braschi spoke to us about performing HAPPY DAYS: “I must say I haven’t exactly looked for this text, instead it sort of came to me. It was offered to me by a friend after he watched Andrea’s staging of BETRAYAL [by Harold Pinter]. He told me: you must perform HAPPY DAYS. And I had to go over the matter for a bit because I knew the text, I knew that performing it was like climbing the Himalayas and, for that reason, I hadn’t considered it before. I put it down on the table until one day someone asked me to present a reading and I picked it up again. I said: let’s give HAPPY DAYS a shot. And from that moment on I became love-struck; I was obsessed with the text”.
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