Lisbon & Estoril Film Festival


Thematic programmes

Am I Guilty

Alexei Artamonov, Denis Ruzaev and Ines Branco Lopez

The questioning, drama, and emotional intensity of guilt have been present in culture since at least antiquity, but each subsequent era endowed it with its own meanings.

Moreso, this already complicated feeling, while mutating through the reflection of modernity, still keeps the same primal, existential qualities that made it one of the most important, unsolvable problems in the history of human civilization.

Cinema is, of course, much younger – by the time it was invented, humanity was already overwhelmed by the drama of guilt for a long, long time. Cinema picked up this bug almost immediately.

These issues will be explored through seven sessions, beginning the journey with Ingmar Bergman and ending with Nobuhiko Obayashi, passing by Barbara Loden, Thomas Heise, Thomas Harlan, Robert Kramer, Camille Billops, Toshio Matsumoto and Jules Dassin.

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