Lisbon & Estoril Film Festival


Tributes and Retrospectives

Tribute to the French Cinematheque - A Selection by Frédéric Bonnaud

Copies restored by the French Cinematheque

The French Cinematheque has been restoring a significant number of films, whether on its own initiative or in collaboration with other institutions, thereby assembling, at the service of its authors and spectators, a valuable catalogue and extraordinary cultural heritage of masterpieces that have marked the history of cinema.   

The French Cinematheque also organizes a festival of restored films, “Toute la mémoire du monde”, so that these may become, in their restored versions, “contemporary to the eyes of today’s audiences, specially of the new generations”, because films, as the Cinematheque’s director Frédéric Bonnaud mentions, like books, are contemporary to those who watch them.   

LEFFEST pays tribute to this highly significant work with the exhibition of a series of films restored by the French Cinematheque, specially selected and presented by Frédéric Bonnaud.
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